Twizell Burn Project

Members of Stanley Town Council voted to support a project initiated by the Wear Rivers Trust, Nothumbrian Water and Durham County Council to improve the area around the Twizell Burn watercourse in Stanley.  The Twizell starts it’s course around the Morrison Busty and has suffered from poor water quality, drainage and poor amenity along it’s course. Large areas along the course of the burn have been prone to flooding for many years.  There is a large project supported by partner agencies to solve the problems that the Twizell has and to improve the recreation value for residents.  At last Tuesday’s meeting, Councillors decided to support this project by:

  • Funding new paths in Memorial Park
  • Funding new paths along South Stanley Nature Reserve and Langley View
  • Funding a sustainable drainage scheme in Pine Street, South Moor as part of the Heritage Trail

The Town Council has already stated it will support proposals for the Heritage Trail in South Moor remembering men of the town who died in the First World War by maintaining the signage after it is installed. The parts of the scheme that the Town Council is funding will allow more people to enjoy walks along the banks of the Twizell and will improve the look and feel of Pine Street whilst reducing the flood risk for residents of South Moor.

Powerpoint Slides on Proposal

Funding Application and Background Information


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  1. Denice Spratt
    Denice Spratt says:

    So where are residents supposed to park in Pine Street? This does not show enough parking areas for vehicles and there is nowhere else for residents to park as the back entry (alley) really is not wide enough and parking on Park Road would cause traffic congestion for cars travelling down Park Road – there is already a problem when vehicles park on both sides of the road (often on double yellow lines) and cars cannot get down there easily.

  2. Jill Wilson
    Jill Wilson says:

    This is a brilliant! Thank you for adding the background information, it really helps clarify what is proposed and I’d recommend everyone read them. The maps and photos really help in understanding what is to be done. If I could add one thing it would be the planting of memorial weeping willow trees along the hill crest to the east of Quaking Houses village hall. Visitors could enjoy a beautiful view over the burn and woods towards South Moor. It may also help with the drainage of the popular grassed area between the crest and Third St.

  3. carole barrass
    carole barrass says:

    It will be great if the paths in the park area are to be cleaned up as they are very neglected and over grown its ashame as lots of people use the paths


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