Community Consultation Launched

Today we are announcing the launch of ‘Ask Stanley 2016’, a comprehensive consultation exercise with Stanley Residents. We want to know what you like about your area, what you don’t, and what you think should be done to improve both the good and bad things. We have put together a short questionnaire and will be trying to get as many people as possible to participate over the next six weeks. The more people take part and the more feedback we get, the better chance we have of identifying the real priorities of Stanley people.

We will use the results to identify issues and options for a more detailed questionnaire to be sent out later in the year and we will use all this evidence to build an action plan for the next five years.

To reach as wide an audience as possible, we are sending a hard copy of the questionnaire to every address in Stanley. The questionnaire will be in the centre pages of the ‘Stanley Life’ magazine, which will be distributed across the parish in the week commencing 18th January. We will also be going out into the community and have arranged sessions to discuss the consultation at:

Catchgate Primary School – 08.30am to 12.30pm Tuesday 9th February

Craghead Village Hall – 09.30am to 11.30am Wednesday 10th February

South Moor Methodist Church – 6pm to 8pm Tuesday 16th February

Tanfield Lea Community Centre – 6pm to 8pm Monday 22nd February

Asda – still to confirm date

Market day – Thursday 21st January 0900am to 1200pm

We will also be speaking to the schools because we want to capture the views of our young people – every person currently aged 13 or over will reach the age of majority during the lifetime of this plan so we need their opinions – any positive changes we can make will have the greatest impact on them.

The Consultation questionnaire can be found on our website at the following address:

Please take the time to complete the questionnaire. Your views are important to us.

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  1. Tony sayers
    Tony sayers says:

    This place has been ran down we need a big make over stanley front street surrounding ro. Ads and areas dont believe in my wildest dreams this will ever happen to much money involved we need to be like consett or chester le street not the forgoten piece of land in the middle this is how a lot of us residents feel

  2. Mervyn Burdon
    Mervyn Burdon says:

    Stanley is a disgrace and Durham County Council is partly to blame as one of their properties , former school and associated buildings are the worst part. where the hell are our Councillors cause i know is this was happening in East durham their councillors would be doing something. Look at what they did to coastal area when pits closed. Stanley councillors are useless at getting things done!
    Will not be getting my vote when ever elections are held

  3. Melanie Durham
    Melanie Durham says:

    The front Street needs opening to some traffic to increase sales for local shops and pubs like chester-le-street. Reduce shop rent as an incentive for retailers to stay. Encourage house building. Stop being a dumping ground for other councils who refuse to re Holm their bad tennents.

  4. David Stephenson
    David Stephenson says:

    I’d have to agree it’s the abysmal town centre again and any regeneration plans if they ever existed were less than impressive. Did we really want Tesco Town anyway. Apart from the constant flow to what must be the ugliest Asda in the UK and the Louisa Centre why would anyone visit Stanley Town Centre. Maybe it’s time to rip it up and start again… We actually have everything you need there when you think about it, transport links, medical facilities, some canny local shops etc..its just not a welcoming place and smacks of depressed community syndrome. A major rethink is required come on Stanley Town Council show us what you’re made of and that you’re worth the precept. (Good Luck)

  5. Laurie metcalf
    Laurie metcalf says:

    Stanley needs a make over. People come from all over the north east to go to clearance bargains, instead of letting tesco hang on to the empty buildings take them back and try to get other retailers. B&M, poundland and primark would be good, see if the indoor market would be worth opening up again there are also of local crafts people around Stanley may sign up if the rent is sensible. Stanley just seems like a forgotten piece of land. Nothing has been done with the land where the fire was at the top of Stanley years ago. Apart from a wall being built at the bottom of Stanley that’s just been left. The old school was bought and just left, soon to be joined by the council offices when they move to the louisa centre. There is a problem with kids in the bus station why not have security guards on duty like Durham or a youth worker going in a couple of nights to talk to them. The pact centre will hopefully help with some going there. Stanley doesn’t need anymore unaffordable houses being built. Stanley has more to let signs than for sale signs. Is anything happening with the old bus station car park it’s been under offer for a long time. It would be good to see Stanley thriving again but will it ever happen or is it going to be forever the land that time forgot

  6. Tom
    Tom says:

    What Stanley needs is good clothing store’s for men and kids and women and a good toy and game store for kids and a good jewellery shop and sport shop we also need a good diy store like home base back and a wilko store mc Donalds or burger king would be good for the place we have got nothing in Stanley only asda get some new shops in Stanley open up the street and put the buses back on the street move the market somewhere else just need to think and make Stanley a better place for all Stanley has been for gotten and it is time to change it all and improve for everyone in Stanley good shops like B&M & Wilko & Homebase & Next store & JD Sports & prime mark & David summer Field jewellery a good toystore and game store for kids

  7. Tom
    Tom says:

    Get some new buildings up in Stanley new shops in Stanley instead of talking do something to help Stanley it is in need of new shops and tidy up the place make it a better place for all bring life back in to our town Stanley is not a nice place anymore for anyone we have been forgotten to much Consett instead of us we are the ones that need new shop and improvement not Consett they have a lot more then us we have got nothing at all it is not right and it is a discrase you should feel a shamed to let Stanley down and how it has become

  8. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Stanley needs some new shops like clothing stores and food stores like a farm foods and aldi and some good clothing stores Stanley is run down and only has asda that’s all no good shops at all its a bad place to shop around get something done Kevin Jones is not doing anything to help with Stanley he need to do something get some new buildings up and new shops will come to the area pull the old kwiksave down and them.stores that’s empty and the old school and let’s get some new shops for our area


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