Full Council 25th September – Papers Uploaded

The agenda and background papers for next Tuesday’s Full Council meeting are linked below.   The meeting will be held at 6.30pm at the Civic Hall and is open to the general public.  Members of the public may ask questions in relation to the business on the agenda, please notify the Town Clerk in advance of the meeting.  Contact Us

the business to be considered at the meeting will include:

An update from the CLLD Funding Officer; Fireworks; Civic Hall Business Planning; Beacons of Light; Neighbourhood Wardens Update.

Council Agenda 25 September 2018

September 18 FC Supporting Papers


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  1. William Nixon
    William Nixon says:

    Could I point out, that on this month’s full council agenda; item 4, the leader of the council statement; that councillor David Marshall is NOT the leader of the council, but the leader of the Labour group. I feel that needs to be rectified as the leader of STC is the Mayor.

    Can I also point out, that there is only citing fot the purchase of the beacon and none fir the installation of either the beacon itself or the gas supply needed


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