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Community Virtual Notice Board

Just before the Town Council began operating in 2009-10, an extensive public consultation exercise carried out in all seven wards revealed that the general public as a whole felt that there was a lack of local and community information and suggested that the Town Council should make it a priority to improve the situation.

Accordingly a Communication Committee of the Town Council has been looking into how the circulation of local information can be better coordinated, supported and generally facilitated. As part of their overall response, this web-page is intended to be a helpful and open repository for all manner of local information, notices and literature about community activities, opportunities and events etc.

Do you have any information or ideas that you would like to see on this website? If you do, please contact the Town Clerk for consideration.

Please note that the Town Council reserves the right not to display anything it reasonably feels ought not to be put in the public domain by a local government organisation.