Council Agenda Uploaded for 21st June 2016

The next meeting of Council will be held on Tuesday 21st June 2016 at Craghead Village Hall, Middles Road, Craghead.  There is a full Agenda, which will include: Civic Hall Refurbishment, Christmas Lights.

The supporting papers contain full budgetary information for the current year up to May 31st

Agenda 21st June 2016

Combined Papers June 2016 [51MB]

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Notice of Public Right to Inspect accounting records

The Town Council has completed it’s Annual Return, which will be reviewed by a publicly appointed external auditor (the external audit has not been completed, therefore the accounts published below may change). The Council is required to make the accounting records available to the public for inspection for a 30 day period.

This year, the period will run from 13th June 2016 to 22nd July 2016.

Records will be available for inspection (subject to reasonable notice) between 9.00 am and 4.00 pm between these dates.

Electors of the parish also have the right to question the auditor about the accounts and object to them.  Full details of the rights of the public are contained in the formal notice for the Exercise of Public Rights.

The Council is also required to publish the following:



For further information, please contact the Town Council.


Next Week’s Council Meetings 7th/ 8th June 2016

There will be four Council Meetings next week, to be held on Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th June 2016. 

The Meetings are:

Tuesday 7th June:

Extraordinary Meeting: To consider a funding application from North Road Gym (6 pm).

Extraordinary Meeting Agenda 7th June 2016

Comms & Events: Items to be considered: A number of Civic Hall issues; online ticketing, Theatre Curtain, concessionary rates; planting of coal tubs; event planning updates. (6.30 pm).

Comms and Events Agenda 07-06-16

Wednesday 8th June:

Extraordinary Meeting: To finalise the lease on the PACT House building (6 pm).

Extraordinary Meeting Agenda 8th June 2016

Crime & Community Safety: Items to be considered: Community Mini Bus, Winter Maintenance, Blooming Good Fun (6.30 pm).

Crime Agenda 08.06.16


Council AGM 24th May 2016

Last night the Town Council held it’s Annual Meeting. At the Annual meeting, members elect to key positions for the forthcoming year. Councillor Joan Nicholson was re-elected Chairman of the Town Council, having served as Chairman in 2015/16. Councillor William Nixon was also re-elected as Vice Chairman. Appointments to Committees were as follows:
Crime & Community Safety: Chair Cllr Christine Bell; Vice Chair Cllr Colin Thompson
Comms & Events: Chair Cllr David Mills; Vice Chair Cllr Mary Wilkinson
Finance: Chair Cllr David Walker; Vice Chair Cllr David Marshall
Personnel: Chair Cllr David Tully; Vice Chair Cllr Geoff Graham
Planning: Chair Cllr William Nixon, Vice Chair Cllr Alex Clegg
Members also considered whether or not the Chairman and Vice Chairman should adopt the style of Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor (an option available to all Town Councils) and decided against the change.

STC Annual Report 2015-16

The Council has published an Annual Report to inform residents about the projects, initiatives and events the Council has been involved with over the last 12 months.  There is also information about grant funding the Council has provided and a breakdown of the Council’s finances.

The report is linked HERE (22MB, PDF)

The Council will hold it’s Annual meeting for electors on Tuesday 17th May 2016 at 6.30pm in the Civic Hall.

The meeting is open to all residents of Stanley and it’s purpose is for you to raise issues that concern you in an open forum. The Agenda for the Town Meeting can be found HERE