Agendas and Minutes

The Town Council makes decisions on how to spend resources locally at its meetings. The agendas for each month list the business being considered by Council and the background papers provide supporting information for each agenda item.

The minutes are the record of decisions taken by Council for each item of business and provide the legal basis for expenditure incurred by the Council.

The Council has a number of Committees to support it’s programme. The Crime & Community Safety Committee has a budget delegated to it to deliver a number of initiatives aimed at improving the wellbeing of the community and makes recommendations to Council about initiatives and projects it feels would be beneficial as well as providing a vehicle to bring partners to the Council to work together.

The Communications & Events Committee has a delegated budget to deliver community events around Stanley and has an overview of the Council’s websites, publications and engagement strategies.

The Personnel and Finance Committees are there to provide advice to Council about the Town Council’s roles as an employer and to have overview of budgets, accounts and audit processes.