It is now over 18 months since Stanley Town Council took on the management of the former Lamplight Arts Centre. There was strong support from the people of Stanley to make the venue a popular centre for a wide range of community activities, including shows and pantomimes, anniversaries and parties, seminars and conferences, classes for dance, keep fit etc., and to reintroduce showing of films.

The Council has already successfully hosted a number of these activities and now wants to develop the venue further. This is going to involve spending money on refurbishment (windows, toilets, kitchen) and consideration is being given to the introduction of new seating.

To finance this work the Council has asked for approval to borrow £200,000 to be repaid over 10 years. There is no impact on the level of Council Tax as a result of borrowing this money. It is expected that increased income generated as a result of the refurbishment and the introduction of facilities for, for example, weddings and the introduction of a community cafe, will more than cover the loan repayments.

We look forward to continued support from our community to continue the success of Stanley Civic Hall.